NixAdmin is an online portal of all things *nix related. We strive to provide topical news and updated tutorials, how-to’s and tricks related to everyday System Administration of *nix based or related Operating Systems such as Unix, Linux and BSD.

NixAdmin is created and maintained by Matthew Wilmott a Senior Linux Systems Engineer for a large Australian Financial firm.  You can find Matt on Twitter and Facebook.Or send him an email at mattwilmott@nixadmin.org.

About the Author

Matt Wilmott is a seasoned Linux / Unix sysadmin. He has worked for many multinational corporations plying his trade as both Linux Engineer and Infrastructure Designer. Lately he has been working for a large Australian Bank, helping modernize their core infrastructure and drive best practices in the *nix space. He is excited by the technologies and initiatives related to mass deployment of cloud instances via automation and platform interoperability.

Disclaimer and Industry Affiliations

  • The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions. My current or past employers (and my professional consulting firm) are not responsible for what I write here or the comments left by site visitors.
  • I do not own stocks or other investments in any UNIX / Linux / Computer hardware / software related technology company.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, tips, or recommendations, be sure to contact us. Thanks!

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